AutoTranslate for Cumulus - Documentation

With "AutoTranslate for Cumulus" CDS Gromke e.K. offers a highly innovative solution providing a simple but powerful translation automation for Cumulus meta data.

Feature overview

  • Integration with Translation API from Google or DeepL
  • Use of deep learning algorithms to recognize the structure of a sentence and the context
  • Translation is event based and can reviewed immediately


The following requirements must be fulfilled to use "AutoTranslate for Cumulus":

  • Cumulus server version 10 or higher
  • Account at (can be for free)
  • Account at
  • Cumulus server with access to Google Translate API or DeepL API over https


The plugin enables you to set up Cumulus Triggers with the new trigger type "AutoTranslateTrigger". You can configure the type of event that triggers the automatic translation of a multi language field value of a record or a category. The translation happens server side with the connection to one of the configured translation APIs of Google or DeepL.

This manual

In this manual you have the choice between a very short and compact Quick Start or a step by step manual starting with the Installation.