AutoTagging for Cumulus - Documentation

With "AutoTagging for Cumulus" CDS Gromke e.K. offers a highly innovative solution providing an extensive first level tagging on the spot - an invaluable saving of time.

Feature overview

  • Integration with API of Deep Learning AI
  • Intelligent recognition of image contents -> automatic tagging with keywords
  • Intelligent recognition of dominant colours -> assigning colours to label fields
  • Intelligent recognition of "nsfw"-content -> classification
  • Intelligent recognition of faces -> saving data in table field and comments
  • Intelligent recognition of the images quality for landscapes and portraits -> saving as integer or rating value
  • Usage of your own custom models -> train the system to recognize your specific content
  • Black and white listing for tags -> exclude or include specific tags


The following requirements must be fulfilled to use "AutoTagging for Cumulus":

  • Cumulus server version 10 or higher
  • Account at
  • Cumulus server with access to the Clarifai API over https (


The plugin enables you to set up Cumulus Scheduler jobs with the new Scheduler job type "AutoTagging". Within that job you can define the catalog(s) to be used wich records to process and which features to enable. You can define how often the job will look for files matching a search query and how they will be processed in terms of recognizing tags, colors or classification.

This manual

In this manual you have the choice between a very short and compact Quick Start or a step by step manual starting with the installation.